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Custos Aeris — Climate and Dew Point Guard

Sensor System for Contactless Climate Monitoring

of Stained Glass, Mural Art and historical Artifacts

In order to protect precious historical stained glass, it usually is provided with protective glazing during restoration measures.

Custos Aeris – Climate and Dew Point Guard logs climate relevant measurement data that is necessary to control the functionality of the glazing in the air gap between stained glass and protective glazing as well as in the church interior.

The measurement data is logged over a period of a calendar year and transferred to a password protected internet platform automatically.

All data is processed automatically and provided in the form of well-arranged diagrams worldwide via web browser.

Due to the contactless principle of measurement, the sensor system is also perfectly suitable for guarding mural art and historical cultural assets.

Leading cathedral works (i.a. Cologne and Soest), restoration workshops, engineering consultants and architects trust in the contactless sensor system Custos Aeris.
Custos Aeris — Climate and Dew Point Guard
Custos Aeris — Climate and Dew Point Guard

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